Kathy Morris

The Reason

In December 2011, our good friend Kathy Morris was given six months to live by the doctors treating her cancer. A close group of friends took it upon ourselves to try to raise a large amount of money, which was required to give Kathy a chance at some potentially life saving treatment. Sadly, we couldn't raise enough, quickly enough, to do the job, and Kathy passed away.

Kathy was an abundant and joyous person, her memory lives on, and we don't intend to let her passing stop us from trying to raise awareness of the huge amount of life saving treatment and knowledge which exists, often outside of the standard medical establishment. We want as many people to be as aware as possible of the potential they have to contribute significantly to their prevention of, and survival.

of cancer and similar ailments.

Cancer Active is a wonderful charity which seeks to bring such awareness to everyone, and was a huge help and comfort to us during Kathy's illness. We strongly encourage you to follow this link, read as much as you can and share the knowledge. If you don't have or know anyone with cancer, it's only a matter of time. Prevention and preparation are much easier than cure.

The Climb

On 11th and 12th May 2012, we (Andrew Smalley and Will Stockburn) climbed non-stop for 24 hours. We repeated a series of 10 single pitch routes graded from VD to HVS (plus a few unplanned Mods when we had to switch from climbing shoes to trainers for a while!). We each climbed 173 routes, a combined total of 346 routes and equivalent to around 3000 vertical metres.

The whole experience was utterly life changing. We would much rather that Kathy hadn't suffered, but one of the gifts that her pain has brought to us and those around us is the inspiration we gained from this effort to help her. Lip service is often paid to the statement "You don't know your limits until you push them" - but how many of us, how much of the time really do that? Our advice is DO THAT! You will be completely amazed at what you and your body can do if you really try. We did no special preparation for this endeavour, though we are both climbers and reasonably physically fit. But the mind and the spirit are very special and can overcome many more limitations than you think are possible. It would not be possible to put into words our personal conscious evolution gained from this, but Kathy, we thank you and salute you.

We hope that, although we weren't able to help Kathy survive, that we can help many others in terms of awareness of cancer and its prevention and cure, and in the encouragement to push your limits and really go for the things you believe in.

If you haven't yet seen the documentary film of the climb you can do so here:

Or click here

And photos of the event here:

Or click this link.

Our deepest thanks to all those who supported us, and who donated to the cause. Without you, none of this would have been possible.